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A natural wood Recorder is the perfect instrument for young musicians to get started on!

Easy to transport, well priced and lots of fun to play!  Learn to read music and play music.

It is also the perfect stepping stone to a musical journey playing wind instruments.
If you are a budding young musician, get started with a good quality recorder & lessons now!



Moeck School Sopranos in wood


Mollenhauer Student Sopranos in wood

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The most important instrument in your life,  is the one you buy today.



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woodenrecorders.co.nz  represents MOECK, MOLLENHAUER, and KUNG, all specialist recorder only makers.

      Hand-built precision Wooden Recorders – with computer enhanced technology making the world's best. 

     For beginners, ensemble players, specialist solo artists and now, Acoustic to Electronic enthusiasts.   

     These are serious music recorder precision instruments, traditional wood, eloquent, natural, enduring.

Recorders you can't live without - Live the story.   It starts with a GOOD quality wood recorder.   Heavenly sounds in perfect harmony with Nature.   

     The instruments here reflect the warm sweet sound of pure wood. The exquisite breathtaking properties wood has, such as the different sound characteristics a wooden instrument can produce, its open notes, Why would want to buy anything else.

Stunning elegant crystal clear with lustrous feel, unique wood grains and sweet tone that allows the skilled

Player to give stunning expression and great feeling to their playing.

ALL SIZES:   Garklein, Sopranino, School Sopranos, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Great Bass, Sub Bass

and the new ELODY Alto in g acoustic/electronic in 3 octaves.    




IMPORTANT: FREE Sources of Recorder music for one to four players 
can be found in the drop down menu under ABOUT.


The MOECK Rottenburgh - beautiful grain, lusterous look combined with pure elegance and wonderous tone





"Mollenhauer"  Dream-Edition Sopranos Altos Tenors & bass in Plum wood feature a wide bore for a new full and rich harmonizing sound and  decorative Maple rings.  Shown is the Tenor with shell shaped robust keys for Cc#.


The Mollenhauer Dream Tenor 4428 in Plum wood is a quartet of Soprano Alto Tenor and Bass now available.  The wide interior bore is a unique feature of this new quartet of recorders.  For the demands of the soloist and Ensemble player from www.woodenrecorders.co.nz


KUNG:   Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Bass, Great Bass, Contra-Bass

KUNG WOODEN RECORDER Blockflötes   A find sounding precision professional instrument rich in overtones, originally inspired by the wondrous sound of a baroque historical wood recorder.  Blowing pressure high, Wide window, Treatment inside paraffin, outside oil. Presented in a fine leather and material case. Originating in the small picturesque town of Schafthausen, Grabenstrasse, Switzerland, a specialist recorder only manufacturer.  Many players insist on the tonal superiority of natural wood. When it has been specially seasoned, natural wood creates a tone of great depth; a tone that is warm, glowing,alive.www.woodenrecorders.co.nz  offers a complete line- up of wooden recorders, from our inexpensive School Recorder series to handmade computer IT enhanced instruments that will satisfy the most demanding soloist. I feature only professional Instruments that are available in a variety of woods for subtle sound differences, sweet tone and speaks well in all registrars  with a warm sweet and full sound. Look under Sopranos, or altos, or Tenors etc drop down menu. 




New Mollenhauer: “Elody” - Acoustic/Electronic ALTO in g. 10 Colourways,  With Efoot giving a range of almost 3 octaves,  connects in seconds to amps or special effects so now you can join any group.



Elody acoustic/electronic ALTO in g.  The next generation of wooden recorders is here.  It is the ultimate package, comprised of daring and defiant design and enhanced by    “State-of-the-Art”   connected electronic technology.  The all new presentation not only looks slick, it delivers dynamic information and handling that puts you in complete control. Recorder Alto players can instantly play this new instrument as a normal Alto.  Or, as the illustration above shows the instrument connects in seconds to any digital effects or amplifer.  The low g of the elody matches the Guitar low g, allowing the innovative player to join any music group.  Available in nine "Airbrushed" colours shown further on, in this site.  

Traditional acoustic and electronic recorder-flutes to play in any Ensemble, Group, Pop, Rock, Swing, Jazz, Hip-hop,- in Orchestra's or Solo
The 14th Century wood recorder has come a long long way and now, the
"ELODY", The guitar matched g Alto, converts in seconds to an electronic instrument to any amps or effects unit so now any recorder player can join any group and match the volume and effects of other instruments. 

Often when young children finish their school beginner lessons, they feel there is nowhere to go.  This is not so!  In NZ there are now many recorder ensembles and it’s expanding.  Kids are forming their own recorder groups and playing their own music. The new electronic-acoustic Elody Alto comes with a cable that connects to any amp and that allows them to play with any pop group. 


 Many players today,  are using the new elody electronic/acoustic Alto. A number have joined   pop groups.  because now.....they can match the volume and range of an electronic guitar in both volume musical style and range.


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